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Jake Humphrey is no different, explaining exclusively to ESDF why he loves football analysis website and why he follows ESDF’s Twitter account.

“I really like sites like Eat Sleep Drink Football.

“It’s very easy to come off social media because of the amount of criticism and aggression that’s out there as people think you are biased against their football club.

“I’ll come off air and I’ll have 500 messages from Manchester City fans saying I hate City, for example. The reality is, I love Norwich and I don’t hate any club in the Premier League, I just want to see good football.

“You have to have thick skin to be on social media but if you’ve got a thick skin, those sites are so good for stats, information, a good rounded view of the game and to give you that knowledge and understanding.

“I’m a firm believer that it’s not embarrassing to go look everywhere you can for knowledge and information. During a match I’m so engrossed in what’s going on so I can go on social media and sights like Eat Sleep Drink Football and garner really strong fan opinion on everything that’s happened in the Premier League that day. I can arm myself with stats and information which ultimately makes me a better presenter.

“I think back to my predecessors like Des Lynam. If he wanted information he’d have to ring up the BBC library and wait three days for someone to fax him what he needed. I’m so lucky now that I can get access to that all the time.”


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