The average football fan is getting smarter with the provision across a number of different media outlets of data and information surrounding the game that we all love.

Our aim at Eat Sleep Drink Football is to provide context to this information in a way that is both accessible and engaging to the fan that wants to understand and appreciate football in a more detailed manner.

We aim to provide a wide range of analytical features concentrating on various areas of football. You can expect to see analysis of matches, teams and players as well as statistical analysis and recruitment analysis looking at trends and needs for teams going forward.

Join us in finding a deeper and more fulfilling understanding of the simple game that is football.

Lee Scott – Lead Analyst

A 35-year-old Scotsman who has now finally come to the realisation that he will not enjoy a professional playing career. An interest in tactics and squad management has led to this, a platform for him to express his thoughts on the game that he loves.

Whether he knows what he is talking about is another matter entirely.